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Jan-Peter Scheffer

"[....] Why are Jews making movies about the Palestinian experience? Maybe to send Palestinians that message."

This "rethorical question" is answered by yourself with arrogance, excluding any solution other than Palestinian surrender and submission. But then, you are a self-professed Zionist, so what can one expect but a continuation of this blind arrogance? Stop taking their land and destroying their future, would be my simple suggestion.


Speaking of arrogance... I'm not exactly clear where you've read 'arrogance' in what I've written but, putting aside your ad hominem attacks, I'd love you to respond back and explain. What I wrote was that Israeli Jews are making movies that expose much of the ugliness on the Israeli side in an attempt to show Palestinian Arabs that there are a great many Israeli Jews against the occupation and prepared for hard compromise -- compromise which I, yes as a proud and unapologetic Zionist, support. How my call for compromise or the message of compromise and understanding in the movies I blogged about leads you to the conclusion that we want "surrender and submission" from Palestinians is, well frankly, a bit loopy. Holier than thou types like you who have walked in 100 years after the conflict began and think they know what they're talking about ought to do a bit more reading and bit less spouting off. I suppose, for instance, that you, as a great defender of the Palestinian people, were outraged when the Egyptians and Jordanians took "their land" from 1948 to 1967, or when the British took 2/3 of Palestine in 1922 and manufactured a country called Trans-Jordan? Or maybe not.... A little bit less rage and a little bit more understanding: that would be MY simple suggestion.

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