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Thanks... Was looking for the quote and found this blog post. Timely again as the debt ceiling looks yet again.

One comment I must make in the vein of sincere ignorance. My credentials, I have a plus 150 iq. I have been an agricultural consultant most of my career, market analysis mostly. This requires global awareness and tons of data, as well as understanding models and most importantly understanding when models do not perform vs reality. I was involved in the carbon credit trading industry with cantor Fitzgerald prior to 9/11 when all the people I was working with at their environmental brokerage service were killed.

I am politically...disliked. I have no party affiliation, and take the side of reason as a rule. Parties and ideologies do not.

I believe, based on a great deal of contemplation and analysis of the facts, anthropogenic global warming is a false narrative. The need to change the term to climate change duly noted, that too cannot be linked to carbon dioxide emissions. I realize this flies in the face of the alleged science, but the truth is the truth. The most recent warming trend hated 16 years ago. The models are being constantly adjusted now to try an explain away their massive divergence from reality with any other input besides the obvious...that the co2 is not causing warming.

Sincere ignorance can be pervasive. But at this point there are enormous financial incentives for the myth to be propagated. I have always admired your work and your insights, and offer this as a suggestion that you keep an open mind on this subject. History will prove the point.

Terry Levine

Thanks for your comment. I've heard your narrative before on global warming and I'm still not convinced. Feel free to send me something concrete that backs up what you say. But frankly, if it's "research" sponsored by corporations that have a stake in downplaying global warming or birther-type conspiracy lovers, save it.


Republicans are not always conservative as in GW Bush. Please enlighten this sincrely ignorant man how Obama trillions are good for America. I recall obama chstising Bush fior the debt increses. Further obamacare was and is misrepresented in what it does and what it will cost. The democrats grossly and maliciously under estimated cost as they rammed ths mess upon us.

Terry Levine

Republicans are now more conservative than GW Bush. And when Bush came into office there was a surplus. He created the deficit that Obama inherited and Obama has actually reduced it from where it was under Bush. As for Obamacare, you better do some research. Non-partisan groups have concluded it will save the healthcare more than what is currently being spent. As for ramming things, I believe the GOP tried every trick in the book to stop Obamacare from being passed. Nothing was rammed by anyone.

Terry Levine

http://climate365.tumblr.com/ care to disagree?


Many a conservative would say the same about the liberals/progressives/Democrats.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" is the full quote.

Ronald Reagan said: "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

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